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The British and American Studies (BAS) International Programme at Thammasat University is the only degree of its type available in Thailand. The four-year degree offers students a unique opportunity to explore the culture, the literature, the history, and the political dynamics of the United States and the United Kingdom through a broad and varied curriculum taught by English native speakers from both the USA and the UK.

The twentieth century is rightfully considered the American Century but Britain was the first great industrial nation and by 1900 possessed the greatest empire in history. For these reasons, Britain and America have dominated global affairs for the past 200 years. While modern democracies and economic liberalism in the developed and developing worlds are clear evidence of this dominance, any consideration of legacy and influence can only be truly acknowledged by a full appreciation of the global impact of British and American literature, art, cinema, and popular music. It is these cultural aspects that assist in offering students a more rounded and multifaceted definition of the transformative and turbulent events that accelerated Britain’s decline and prompted the subsequent ascendency of the United States to the most powerful nation on earth.

With English as the medium of instruction, the programme introduces students to an interdisciplinary approach which is aimed to encourage a much deeper comprehension of both the historical and contemporary significance of Britain and America in terms of their relationship to each other as well as their political and cultural influence upon the world at large. The degree will also help students to reflect seriously upon internal concerns surrounding issues such as race, class, nationalism, immigration, multiculturalism, and identity.

BAS Objectives

Teacher on the BAS programme are committed to helping students fulfill their intellectual potential; with the enhancement of critical thinking and language skills as principal aims of the programme these factors ensure a heightened awareness and deeper understanding of politics, culture, and history that will prepare students to confront the challenges posed by an increasingly complex world.

Career Prospects & Further Studies

BAS graduates have a good record of establishing careers in both the public and private sectors. Former students are to be found in numerous and diverse areas of occupation including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassadorial and diplomatic positions, public relations, multinational companies, translation and interpretation, teaching and academia. Many BAS graduates proceed to study for Master’s degrees and PhDs in the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, China and various other countries in Europe, North America and Asia.


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